The fridge has been liberated!

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Sat 17 Mar 2018 01:49
We decided we would stay till Friday the 15th and if the fridge hadn’t arrived by then we would set off on the Saturday. Let’s face it, we could manage without, even if we would rather not. Thursday night Kath checked the tracking and found that, 2 months late, the fridge had finally been presented to customs by the post office. The customs, who unlike the post office are very efficient, dealt with it in one day and on Friday we were able to extract it from the post office in Valdivia. Talk about cutting it fine. 

So we fitted it today. We will apply for our ‘zarpe’ (permission to sail) and sign out with the immigration people tomorrow (Saturday). Kath also needs to do a fresh food shop. The plan is to move down to Isla Mancera at the mouth of the river on Sunday, ready to set sail for the Marquesas on Monday as there is very little wind forecast till then. 

Meanwhile we have had a bit of a social round saying goodbye to various friends. The great thing about sailing around the world is that you get to meet marvellous people who you wouldn’t have met otherwise. The sad thing is having to say goodbye to them. So although it is hard to leave our Chilean friends, Valdivia is doing its best to make it easy for us as the rainfall in the last 36 hours has been of biblical proportions. We are looking forward to some sunshine now.