Aries is limping

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Mon 14 May 2018 06:31

9:57.7S 139:07.1W

Poor Aries, the 5,200 nautical miles crossing from Valdivia nearly did for him, he’s developed a limp. Franco thought it wasn’t too serious but the sail from Hiva Oa to Fatu Hiva, then now to Tahuata, has made it worse.


Arriving At Tahuata




Pantropical spotted dolphins race up to Caramor


A curious booby checks us out

It’s a concern, it is still a very long way to New Zealand and unless Aries is fighting fit, we would have to steer 24/7, not a thought that I relish.


Aries in the sick bay

In ‘Medicine for Mountaineering and Other Wilderness Activities’, it says to apply hot / cold to sprains. We adapt the treatment to Aries - hot / oil (WD40). Slowly his hip starts to free up but the socket is worn, a hip replacement will be needed. Luckily (or thanks to forethought) we have a spare set of bushes and spacers.

The hot / oil treatment is continued, with some tapping with a large mallet, and eventually his leg comes off. We fit the new hip and put him back together again. He was very brave, he didn’t cry once.


Aries’s ‘leg’


Franco with a renewed Aries, hopefully ready for action for another 20 years

A couple of days later, a guard rail stanchion came down with a wobble, the bolts holding it to the toe rail had sheared off. It took Franco the best part of another day to get them out and replace with new. As a precaution, we will change them all when we get to New Zealand, the list of jobs is getting longer.