Engine in - Engine out

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Fri 25 Apr 2014 22:15

 On Monday 25th of April I (Franco) sailed Caramor around to Holyhead while Kath finished work on the house which our new tenant moved into the next day. I had a lovely sail in a force 4 which dropped to nothing as I got to North Stack. It was a great test of the new running rigging and improvements that TJ Rigging of Conwy had made over the winter. I spent a day and a half with him and learnt a great deal.

On the Tuesday we took Caramor out of the water and into the boatyard, 53:19.07N 04:38.57W, which seemed like a backward step, in order to have a new engine, a Beta 30hp, installed by Stewart of Stewart Marine. Because of Easter and the need to have parts machined we will be ashore for at least a week.

Still we need to antifoul and can take advantage of this to do various jobs that could wait but are easier done out of the water. It also gives us the chance to sort out our communications for our new lifestyle before we go abroad.

Caption: Antifouling … everybody’s favourite job.

The social scene at the yacht club has been great, and despite a skipper we met likening Holyhead to ‘Sean of the Dead’ the Newry Beach area is pretty good.

Caption: Sunset over Holyhead 

Friday the 25th and the engine is now in the engine compartment but a key part doesn’t arrive till tomorrow. Stewart says we will be finished by Monday so we are booking putting Caramor back in the water for Sunday. No pressure Stewart!

Caption: The new engine going in.