Tiki Village Theatre

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Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Tue 31 Jul 2018 07:48
On our last evening in Moorea, we treated ourselves to the show and dinner at the Tiki Village Theatre. 

The ‘village’ is a reproduction of what a traditional village looked like. It is on the west coast, we had peddled past it, a long way from most of the accommodation. We boarded the shuttle bus at a lodge on the shores of Cook’s Bay.

The buffet meal was excellent. The starter included salads, raw fish, seared tuna and plenty of the ubiquitous coconut milk (pressed coconut flesh). 


The starter buffet

The main meal was cooked in a Tahitian oven, a large pit dug in the floor. A fire is lit and allowed to burn for two hours. The fire goes out and the food is placed in the hole and covered with banana leaves, hessian sacking and sand. It is steamed/smoked for seven hours. The dishes are mostly variations on pork and breadfruit, though there was some cabbage and plenty of coconut milk. 


Opening up the Tahitian oven

The deserts were delicious and included tropical fruit salads, chocolate fondant, tropical fruit mousses, apple tart and crème caramel, most with a topping of grated coconut.

It was a fun evening and the dancing was brilliant. As is customary in French Polynesia, audience participation was required. The Polynesians are great jokers and love to see poor Europeans fail to wiggle their bums the way they can. This time though, they were given a run for their money, one of their ‘victims’ was a Brazilian samba dancer! 


Franco was recruited but managed to escape before anything happened 


The band 


A dancer with double jointed hips


Kath and others trying out the hip moves


Lots of grass skirts


A Maori style haka 


A fine pair of tattooed buttocks


A dance from Samoa


In the story, the prince marries a beautiful princess


The fire dance


Kath’s hip wiggle is undeniable


North coast of Moorea as we sail away