Meeting up with Anxeles in Sanxenxo

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Sat 5 Jul 2014 20:54
Anxeles (our first Spanish teacher) is back home in Galicia for a few weeks with her husband Eloy and gorgeous daughter Eira. From Portosin we decided to skip the next ría - Ría Arousa and head straight for Sanxenxo 42:23.87N 8:48.90W in the Ría de Pontevedra.

Compared to the relatively low population densities of the north, this ría is very densely populated and Sanxenxo in particular which is a major holiday destination for people from Madrid, suffers a 10-fold population increase in the summer.

We arrived yesterday, 4th July, on Eira's very first birthday! Anxeles, Eloy and Eira came down to the beach and we rowed ashore. We left the dinghy on the rocks as it looked like access over the headland would be easier than rowing all the way to the beach.

It was lovely to see them and they took us sightseeing to Combarro a well preserved traditional fishing village, unfortunately very touristic. We then drove to the other side of Sanxenxo, to Porto Novo where Anxeles and Eloy used to hang out as teenagers and ate dinner at the very pleasant restaurant 'La Curva’.

Left to right: Eira, Anxeles, Kath, Franco, Eloy

Razor clams, delicious!

When we got back to Sanxenxo, the tide had come in and we were cut off from the rocks where we had left the dinghy! Eloy tried negotiating access through private properties and the hotel but the hotel option involved scrambling down a cliff so we discounted it. In the end we decided to wade ... the water turned out to be only ankle deep!

Happy Birthday Eira!