Day 46 Golfo Sin Penas

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Thu 29 Sep 2016 00:35
46:43.81S 75:30.25W

Entering the Golfo de Penas (Peninsula Larenas)

Sunset over Isla Rugged

Starry night, following breeze, not too cold, crossing the Golfo de Penas was sailing bliss.

As dawn broke, the beauty of Sun coming over the horizon took Wind’s breath away and for a while she forgot to blow. She recovered from her swoon and blew us all the way into our anchorage.

Land ahoy at dawn

Although we have crossed the Golfo de Penas, we still have to round a large exposed peninsula before we get back into sheltered channels. We decided to visit the Golfo Tres Montes (a cul-de-sac) because the chart says there are palm trees everywhere, and to experience the most exclusive hot springs in Chile.

The palm trees seemed unlikely and are, so far, conspicuous by their absence. I’m guessing the cartographer drew Peninsula Tres Montes either on a Friday afternoon or a Monday after a week-end of heavy substance abuse. It is possible that he was bored of Nothofagus and just fancied a change. 

The hot springs … that’s for another day.

Franco steering with his bottom, on the way into Golfo Tres Montes

Caleta Punta Obstrucción