Time out

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Sun 22 May 2016 14:55
It feels totally weird. It took us two years to get to Puerto Williams, buy only two days to fly back to the UK. From Heathrow I went by train to Hathersage in the Peak District. My daughter Lisa had arranged to meet friends from her time at university there so I joined her and her partner Walter for the weekend. I was already feeling better and two days of climbing and sun bathing in warm sunshine was just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday night I trained down to Haslemere in Surrey to spend time with my other daughter Anna and her husband Yannick. I was concerned that Kath might be bored on her own in Williams but if you have read her blog entries you will no doubt agree that I needn't have worried!

While at Anna's I chased up parcels that were due and went to London and Guildford shopping for various items we needed. Nearly everything was for Caramor. Boats are very demanding.

I also visited a chiropractor and had a sports massage to help my back. On the second night in Haslemere I had my first uninterrupted night's sleep, where I wasn't woken up by a painful coughing fit, in weeks. The next day I felt rejuvenated. It's only now that I feel healthy again that I realise just how ill I had been.

On Friday, Lisa, Anna, Yannick and I flew to Jersey. Saturday lunchtime we got together with relatives and sprung a surprise 80th birthday party on my mother. It was a great success. She had no idea I was coming. She was surprised, and she didn't keel over with the shock. Phew!