Afloat once again!

Caramor - sailing around the world
Franco Ferrero / Kath Mcnulty
Thu 12 Nov 2015 02:19
With our beautiful new Darglow Featherstream fitted, it was time to party!

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Darglow Featherstream 17" fitted to Caramor

Our 'Swiss' friends, Rudi and Cristina stepped across from Galileo and we shared a fondue! The reason I put 'Swiss' in inverted comas is because, like me, Rudi and Cristina aren't completely Swiss. Rudi lived in the South of France for most of his life and Cristina is half Swedish, and although she was born in Switzerland, she was only granted Swiss nationality when she married a Swiss man.

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Rudi, Cristina and Franco

The Uruguayan cheese wasn't quite right, a little too salty, but the white wine was perfect. Cristina provided the kirsch, an essential ingredient and there is a little left in case we meet more Swiss people somewhere where cheese is available (that won't be South Georgia!).

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In the slings, touching up the antifouling paint

... and finally, just three weeks late, Caramor returned to sea.

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Our mechanics Diego and Roberto stepped aboard and with permission from the Navy we headed out to sea.

The new propeller performed superbly in combination with the higher ratio gearbox. Caramor was back to her old speed, not experienced since we changed the engine last year. Diego did look a little alarmed when water started coming into the cockpit through the rear drains as Caramor climbed her bow wave at full revs.

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Diego and Roberto

Our cruising speed will now require fewer revs, meaning better fuel efficiency and we have more power and a faster top speed, something we will be grateful for if we have to power against a strong wind to reach a sheltered anchorage.

Not least, Caramor will also sail better as the prop will angle itself into a position where it will offer less resistance.

We will spend a few more days in Piriapolis making our final preparations before heading south.