Las Palmas

Around the world with the Aqualunies
Jonathan & Gabrielle Lyne
Fri 9 Oct 2015 23:31
Now in Las Palmas. We did a night sail from Rubicon in Lanzaorte it took us about 12 hours, sailing and sometimes motor sailing. We did 10 knots at one point just sailing under Genoa!! Sea was a bit uncomfortable at times. Lots to keep watch for as we were in shipping lanes.
Arrived in las Palmas at 9 am. A few ARC yachts already here but not too many yet. Spent the last couple of days cleaning and scrubbing and getting the yacht sorted before we leave her. We have somebody keeping an eye on her and keeping her clean whilst we are away.
Back to the UK to do some house hunting and visit family and friends. Looking forward to all the dinner/lunch parties organised for us, so good to have such great friends and really looking forward to seeing you all and doing ‘catch up’.