Around the world with the Aqualunies
Jonathan & Gabrielle Lyne
Mon 28 Jun 2010 20:07
Here are the promised photos to go with the last blog I sent.  Jonathan enjoyed his 59th Birthday on our sail across from Bora Bora and Donald Hughes had a 61st Birthday celebration on the Atoll crab hunting and then feasting on them that night as part of his Birthday celebration.  Have now been exploring Nuie in a rented car, such a different island, it is all coral and raised out of the sea three times so far, will sink under the plate within the next 1,500 years!  Lots of chasms, we are on whale watch as the migration has started and a mother and calf are in the bay near our anchorage, lots of sea snakes as well, fortunately their venom is well back so can only cause harm if they get your finger.

Jonathan & Birthday cake


Freddie and Apii with their catch


Anchorage Island in Suwarrow


The beach at Anchorage Island


Jonathan, Brian, Nick, Donald, James, Rob & Freddie clearing the fairway for the dingy dock.


Jonathan, Freddie, Brian and Annie making steps.


James showing Donald some rock life


The beach on Anchorage Island


A chart of Suwarrow Atoll Anchorage Muto marked in red.


The Beach on Anchorage Island


Our RCC Burgee and RHKYC burgee at the Surarrow Yacht Club 


James Mataa at the Suwarrow Yacht Club


BBQ @ Suwarrow Yacht club with Miss Tippy family


Freddie and Charlie watching Apii BBQ the fish they caught


One of the old water tanks


a hermit crab


Apii digging out a Coconut Crab from under a tree


Apii with Coconut Crabs


Jonathan digging out a Coconut crab


Small coconut crab climbing tree


Coconut crab dug out by Jonathan


Basket Apii made


Basket with crabs


Aqualuna, Miss Tippy and Compass Rose Crews with crabs


Jonathan carrying crabs


Crabs ready to eat


Jonathan, Gabbie and Donald with Crab feast


James and Apii with crab feast


Jonathan & James in conversation


Donald looking at photos the Miss Tippy family gave them


Donald cutting his Birthday cake


Donald and Jonathan planting a coconut tree


The beach at Sunset with Aqualuna at anchor


Miss Tippy and Aqualuna at anchor


Suwarrow yacht club and Tom Neals house next to it