St Lucia's Honey-pots

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 8 Jan 2014 00:22

7 January 2014 – Marigot Bay, St Lucia



The contrast between Martinique and St Lucia is very interesting.  Martinique is French and seems to have an economy that is more balanced; whereas St Lucia has unashamedly focussed on tourism.  So although the infrastructure seems broadly comparable, there’s a far stronger focus on service here in S Lucia.  This can tip over into aggressive selling – but the boat boys in Marigot bay backed off when we said no.  It’s like being at an auction – you can’t wave or make a gesture without the boat boys seeing it as a summons!

Both Rodney Bay and Marigot are tourist honey-pots.  The marina at Rodney Bay has restaurants, shops and all mod cons, and is well set up for yachties.  There is security on the exit and pontoon gates; a tourist info office; and taxis always to hand.  In theory, dumping a black sack of garbage costs 5ECD.)

There are market stalls (“Farmers Market”) in the marina, and a lot of street vendors selling on the side of the road. There are also boat boys selling friuit and veg directly to boats, motoring round the anchorages.

Rodney Bay has buoys in the lagoon behind the marina, surrounded by swanky housing, some complete with guard dogs that get very excited as the dinghy goes by!  Magnetic Attraction has been anchored out in the bay, and so we have travelled in by dinghy most days.  On Sunday we did a big shop in the Foodmarket in the Baywalk Mall, and had the purchases delivered to Capybara for onward transhipment to Magnetic Attraction.  Costs of imported food are HIGH but we stocked up on treats, including Dorset Cereals, hobnob biscuits, peanut butter etc.  The freezer is full of fresh meat!

Yesterday Monday we did some final shopping and had lunch in Tapas on the Bay – sitting under a north-facing shady awning.  Roger had a full English Breakfast (with baked beans) and I had a salad.  It was all very elegant.  Time was not a consideration (just as well!) 

Tonight we’re in Marigot Bay – about 10 miles down the coast.  It’s the archtype Caribbean honey-pot, a sheltered anchorage in the rainforest, complete with palm trees and sandy beaches.  Here are the views from the buoy…

There’s a table booked for tomorrow night at the RainForest Hideaway in Marigot Bay – access by boat only, and advertised as the best restaurant in S Lucia.  A big treat for a very special day!