Dover Castle

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 27 Jun 2011 17:41

51: 07.1N



Berth 92, Granville Basin, Dover Harbour


Still in Dover: a sunny hot day, with fair vis and the sea like a millpond.


We set off at about 10am for Dover Castle, on foot.  It was already hot –factor 30, sundress and hat weather.  (The £2 hat from Cancer Research in Gosport continues to justify its houseroom.)  It was uphill all the way, latterly up steps through the woods.  The view from the top was rewarding.  We could see France clearly.  Here is a view of the western harbour from the heights.



We visited the wartime tunnels where Admiral Ramsey masterminded the Dunkirk evacuation; and the underground hospital.  Both were in guided parties, and the presentations were modern, varied and very effective.  Sight, sound, touch and smells were all in play.  The tunnels were lined with GI sheeting, and because of the humidity the original wooden linings had mostly been removed.  The additional tunnels had been dug by miners who had been blacklisted after  the 1926 General Strike and had left their graffiti.  What was really interesting was how many of the historic artefacts one remembered from childhood at grandma’s: an ascot heater, the cookers, the manual  telephone exchange etc etc.  The exhibits had been pulled together from “illegal” contemporary photographs taken during WW2.


From there (and after a bite to eat) it was on to the Admiralty lookout; and the Roman phare and St Mary in Castro.




The Henry ll keep was really impressive.  There has been a significant refurbishment to reflect the latest ideas as to how the castle would have been furnished in the medieval period.  It was far brighter – almost gaudy – than expected.  I couldn’t get a picture – it more than filled the frame!  Here is a picture of an anti-aircraft gun, near the Admiralty Lookout.



We got back just after 5pm – exhausted!  I’ve just heard that the temperature today has been the hottest for 5 years, and is likely to achieve the same levels in E Kent tomorrow.  But no: we’re planning to be off to the continent tomorrow.