An Eventful Day.

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Thu 5 Dec 2013 15:11
Thursday 5 December 2013

Course: 246
Engine Hrs: 3hrs (for purposes only of battery charging) 
Day's Run: 124miles
Total: 1,459 miles - Expected total distance 3000 miles
Air Temperature 28.6C
Water temperature 31.0C
Wind speed: 10knts
Wind direction: 75T

We have just had an eventful start to the day! 
First we hope we will get to the half way point (1500 miles) by about dinner time today.  This will be a celebration feast of a little bubbly and then steak that Margaret has saved specially for halfway point.
Secondly I have caught my first and second fish of the passage this morning! I put a muppet out at about 0800hrs and around 0900 we had a small tuna, landed just after finishing a celebration breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and crispy bacon. Bryan dispatched and prepared the tuna while I put out the line again. Only about 20mins later we heard the reel screech and we had a second fish, this time it was a small Mahi Mahi.  Lunch of freshly caught fish is in prospect. This event is particularly special for me since up to this point the fish I have been able to catch are Mackerel so Tuna and Mahi Mahi has improve my record somewhat.  Fishing up to this point has not been good with no strikes with the small fish-like lure for two days so we changed to a big fish like lure and nothing until we retrieved the line at the end of the day to find no lure attached and the wire trace severed! What size of fish could do that?  The wire trace was a bit small in diameter so I will use a bigger wire.
We have been investing in heading south for the past two days in order to find more reliable fresher winds so today we will, at last, turn west and head straight to Martinique.  The forecast shows 10-15kts NE winds for the next few days: then on Monday very light winds again before filling in from the North for 24hrs.  Thereafter, the trades should set in again from NE-E at about 15-20knts so may be we will make better progress for the home run. Fingers crossed.
It's hot and humid today so the 30Deg sea temp looks inviting if we run out of wind. However, Bryan has promised Jenny that there will be no swimming whatsoever out in the wide open Atlantic Ocean. We could do with some rain so that we can all have a shower on deck and may be fill the water tanks. Also, I would like some fresh water to pickle the water maker. There was a promising black cloud this morning but it didn't reach us...another one that got away.
The crew would like to thank everyone for sending us emails that entertain, educate and generally keeps us on our toes. It really is nice to hear from you all and makes us feel we are not alone out here.
On the homeward stretch!
Roger (Mother), Chief Engineer and general dogs body.
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