Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 28 Aug 2013 19:39

28 August 2013 – At anchor, Moana, Ria de Vigo



Wednesday evening.  We’ve been entertaining Duncan, from Red Snapper, whose wife has had to go home.  In consequence, it’s late and neither of us are hungry.  It’s blowing a hooli through the anchorage – the evening 25-30 knot wind from the NE.  BUT there’s a town wifi, wifi de concello.  Full marks to Moana!

Cesar from Tela Marinera didn’t arrive as planned on Saturday.  One of the marineros came about 11am to say that he had been delayed in La Coruna.  We spoke: he promised to come instead on Monday morning.  So we were in the Davila marina over the weekend, tied by the heels.  There were heavy winds as well – it wasn’t weather to go off anchoring.)  So the cycles had an airing – into Vigo, and also on cycle track round the bay towards Bayona.  It’s been nice to stretch the legs. 

Monday was a good day.  We were both impressed by Cesar – he understood what was required; the difficulties; and the possible solutions to create the bimini.  He came back at 5pm with multi-layer pipe - a plastic and aluminium sandwich that can be bent, straightened and reused every which way.  He and Beatriz stayed till 7pm.

He sent us a quote late last night which was very much cheaper than expected from the UK experience.  Roger has closed on the deal!  It is expected that we’ll need to be back in one of the Vigo marinas by Friday for the steel work to be fitted; and then the canvas work will be completed.  It will be grey, to match the other canvas work.  The challenge is arranging payments.  He does not accept payments by card: therefore the choices are cash, or arranging a bank transfer from UK (could be very expensive.)  So this morning we both went into Moana to withdraw the maximum from the ATM: and we’ll need to do this over the next 4 days, and husband the cash carefully!

We also tracked down a couple of chandlers in Bouzas (it’s pronounced Bowth-ass, I think.)  Roger got another halliard and ordered some spares from the wonderfully named firm of Jesus Betanzos.  The order will be available next week – expensive, but more convenient than arranging delivery directly from the UK. 

So yesterday Tuesday we left the Davila marina and came across here.  It’s a surprisingly nice town.  Anchored well off, access is by dinghy to the lonxa.  There was a market this morning, but the prices were a lot higher than in the greengrocers.  There’s also a big-ish Carrefour next to the Council House, within walking distance.  Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!  We have a piece of cured ham, aged over 15 months!  I would have liked to have had a full ham (46 euros,)  but Roger has baulked at it hanging up by the trotter in the boat….