Cangas Saturday 11

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 11 Jul 2009 19:57
Yesterday we left Bayona, and sailed up the ria to Cangas, on the north shore of the ria.  There was no hurry: we left the berth early to be sure to have enough depth on the fuel berth, then stayed until after lunch to catch the sea breeze.  Roger piloted out through the gap between Nigran and the island: all went well until he asked for a bearing of 30degrees from 345.  This all appeared a bit radical and so I challenged whether he wanted 30 degree turn, or 30 degrees.  In consequence we got a bit close to a rock!! All well, however, and we were soon able to get sailing, with a reefed genoa down the ria to Cangas.  It was blissful: 22 knots over the deck, reefed, on a close reach, wearing T shirts and shorts.  Roger can't get over how wonderful the weather and experience is; it just isn't right!
There are so many Brits here!  anchored off the beach.  We were immediately invited to join John and Robin on their NZ Lagoon catarmaran: only just launched, out of Sables d'Olonne and very beautiful; with Richard and Claire from Phalerope; and David and Suzanne from Suzie Too.  Suzanne cooked us a wonderful supper of baked hake with tomatoes, yellow beans and black olives, followed by strawberries and marscapone.  We introduced them to the concept of black pepper on strawberries, to David's surprise.  After supper technical conversation took over, and we left after midnight to try to find our way back to the boat!
This mornng it was dull and misty.  It had rained during the night, and the tops of the mountains were all in cloud.  It wasn't possible to see across the ria as far as Vigo - only about a mile or so.  Richard and Claire came over to talk steel boats and we had coffee.  By about midday the men had comprehensively explored all the nooks and crannies including the bilges, and so we went ashore.  No shops are open on Sunday, so we got extra bread, and gambas for lunch, plus cakes for afternoon tea - a sort of belgian bun and a Santago almond cake.  Cangas is a pleasant town with a good covered market, as well as the usual supermarkets etc.  We were after a padlock and wire to allow us to lock up the dinghy, but no chandleries, despite a small marina.
We had "the gang" for afternoon tea - augmented by Harry and Margot from No Agenda.  It was a very happy gathering.  They had all worked there way south from La Rochelle, other than Suzie Too, who came over in May.  They are all going south, so we shan't see them after we move on north.  Suzanne had been diving this morning to clear their anchor trip line - reinforcing her reputation as a woman of very significant substance.
Off tomorrow morning to look over Phalerope, and then we plan to move on, probably to Ensenada San Simeon.