Crossing Biscay

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 30 Jun 2009 08:05
45:44.32N 6:6.58W
I'm writing this at 6.30pm BST on Monday 29 June.  I think that it will be uploaded to mailasail next time we log onto the Irridium phone: now likely to be tomorrow morning.
We set off from Glenans at 6am this morning.  Myrica followed about an hour later.  Whilst en route, we were called by Eileen of Down, who called us on spec as they too were crossing Biscay - and is the habit, sought our views on the weather forecast. They were setting out from Benodet on the basis of the BBC weather forecast!  headed from Gijon.  As predicted, light winds and sun, although its gone cloudy now. We have motor sailed, to maintain speed, and at about 5 had three pieces of excitement: the wind got up to 10 knots, allowing the boat to maintain 5knots speed (it's since dropped) so the engine went off - peace! a racing pigeon came to rest on the sprayhood; and we were overtaken by a P&O ferry - not sure which one, but headed more easterly than either us or Myrica.  Maybe to Santander?
Ham salad for lunch; and a casserole with rice and green beans for supper.  I'm pleased to be working through the English stores so that we can start afresh when we arrive in Spain.  I continue assiduously with Queen Victoria, interspersed with naps - it's amazing how doing very little is so ennervating!