Still in Rendsburg

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 23 Jun 2012 19:28



Rensburg,  23 June 2012


As advised, we have extended the stay in Rendsburg to two days so that we arrive in Kiel after the end of racing.  We’ve emailed the British Kiel Yacht Club (run by and for the British Army) to enquire whether they have a berth we can take – otherwise we shall go to Laboe where there is a new yacht harbour with finger pontoons.

Here is a picture of Magnetic Attraction in the box mooring.

The marina is close to the centre of town, in the Obereidersee.  The river Eider never recovered from the building of the Kiel Canal, which caused the water levels in the river to decline drastically.  Now what’s left is a series of picturesque lakes (oxygenated to stop them becoming stagnant,) a Stadtstheater on reclaimed land, and landmarks that show where the quays and locks used to be.  We walked round “The blue line” – a blue line painted on the pavements to show the 30 most interesting things about Rendsburg.  Other than the Canal, it’s greatest claim to fame appears to be as a garrison town that was overrun by a revolt in 1848 – but in the end the Germans saw off the Danes.  All part of the Schleswig Holstein Question.

It’s been an enjoyable stay.  The town has all amenities and two excellent supermarkets.  Roger has found Ardbeg malt and dunkel beer.  We’ve camped on to a free wi-fi hotspot (the Rondo supermarket on the other side of the Obereidersee) and, because Germany was playing Greece in the Fussball European Cup quarter finals last night, have listened to a lot of radio.

This morning we had both neighbours to visit for coffee: Willem and Maya from The Dutchess and Helmut and Marianna from Painted Lady.  It was a polyglot party.  Helmut brought his charts and gave wise advice for passage planning the trip east towards Rugen; Willem and Maya are off north towards Sweden.  We plan to meet up with them again on the way back when we will visit them in Amsterdam.  (Have just had a great evening with them putting the world to rights!)

And finally, here is an interesting take on road sign as you enter the marina, approaching the Riverside café…