18 August - last day in Spain

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 19 Aug 2009 07:41
The weather looks good for Biscay and we shall leave Cedeira tomorrow Wednesday - early to try to avoid the sea fog.  Today, as last week in Coruna, there has been a brisk on shore breeze which has brought sea fog into the ria.  It's not been consistent, but patchy and low level.  Our neighbours in Pantalaimon left and then came back to await better vis after lunch - but when we walked up the hill to the little fort above the harbour we watched the fog roll in below us - we were in bright sun.  I took a photo of a boat coming into the Ria - all that was clearly visible was the top of its mast, poking above the cloud.
There was a charming museum in the Fort, and a very considerate guide, who took us round, and explained that it has only been restored recently and opening in 2007.
One consequence of the fog is that boats have been coming in all day to escape the hazard,  All seem to be making a bee line for our plum spot, and there are boats pretty close.  Roger needs a refresher session in Newtown Creek to remember what close anchoring is really like!  There was an iffy moment at lunch when a man in a small motorboat thought our anchor buoy was just flotsam - no time to work out the Spanish bon mots - cries of signor, no! from yours truly, with appropriate gestures, had to be (and was) suffiicent.
So, everything is as ready as it can be.  The passage covers are on; (almost) all the moveables are put away; sea sickness pills taken and the grab bag prepared in case of emergencies.  We'll upload blogs daily as we get the weather via the satphone.  Next stop will be France - depending on wind, sea state and what we feel like we may pause in Camaret - or go further on to L'Aberbenoit (for the oysters) or even Cherbourg.  We'll be texting Richard and Wendy & Bryan and Jenny when we set off and no doubt the French mobile phone system will bring us back into contact with the world sometime on Friday.