ETA early Tuesday 17th...

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 14 Dec 2013 17:38
Saturday 14 December 2013


Course: 261 
Engine Hrs: 3 (all for battery charging purposes)
Day's Run: 154  miles
Total: 2,706 miles - 342 to go!
Temperature 27.2C
Water temperature reading 27.4C  
Wind speed: 23 knts
Wind direction: 73T

Another 24 hours of a roller-coaster ride.  The wind is steadily between 18 and 30 knots from astern, and the sea is building steadily.  The maximum wind speed overnight was 35. There are big rollers coming up from behind at about 3-4 metres: they tower over the stern of the boat before picking us up and tossing us down like a 20 tonne surfboard.  The direction that we go is entirely dependent on the direction that the swell determines.  The autohelm with it's giro compass copes well, but Bryan is better - he is able to maintain the surfing momentum and so higher speed for longer.  But physically steering the boat is very demanding and after a time you start to lose concentration.  Back to the autohelm!
There really is little to report other than the bald statistics of our progress.  Roger is continuing to take regular doses of pain killers, and is feeling slightly better he says this morning.  I continue to try to tempt the fugitive appetite - Bryan managed the "stuffed" but not the "marrow" yesterday, but says that he quite fancies pasta with bacon and leeks tonight.  There is a different bird visiting us this morning - predominantly grey and white, with the flying stance of a tern, so long thin tail (almost like a wagtail's) but its size more like a large pigeon.  Any ideas, guys? 
Our focus is maintaining speed, course and distance travelled..  The wind has swung more north-easterly, so we are managing to make it more south for the time being.   
Margaret (Mother)