Under Starter's Orders

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 21 Jun 2009 08:44
50:48.085N 1:07.341W
Sunday morning and it's midsummer!  We plan to drift gently (and I mean gently) from Royal Clarence down with the tide to Hurst Castle this morning.  We then have a choice.  We'll either leave with the start of the ebb at about 9pm, or 12 hours later.  It doesn't matter really, except that the nights won't get any shorter than this.  After all the angst about wind (direction; strength) the UGRIB is forecasting light airs all the way, so there's a good chance some of the time the iron tops'l will be in action.
Serious shopping yesterday, but hey, Wendy, we're still floating way above our marks!  A tray full of fresh herbs adorns the transom (parsley, coriander, chives, basil, mint, thyme) but they need time to harden off - this isn't the sheltered greenhouse life they're used to.  The prep from last weekend is stored in Sainsbury soup jars in the freezer and I have enough fresh food to feed an army for 6 days, let alone just the two of us.  Final call to Morrison's this morning to ensure the bread is as fresh as possible.  Everything is stowed and checked - 1 spreader floodlight and the porthand nav light down, now replaced.  We had a panic that the camera had been left at home with the charger on the boat, but no, I eventually found it in my work bag.  We have passports, driving licence and Euros.  What have I forgotton? It all feels too good to be true.
JUST for the record, I'm as up to date as possible with my admin: bills raised; VAT and tax bills paid; pension payment (important to protect the position re new tax changes) PII renewal; UoN Audit Committee minutes cleared and sent.  Just have to have a final check to see Auntie Dorothy has enough funds, but I if necessary I can do that from the anchorage this afternoon.
So, the adventure begins!  Stay in touch, everyone - we'll be logging our position daily via satphone as we get the weather forecasts.  Next landfall probably c Friday - either Bayona or, if the winds go against us, La Coruna.