10 August - The New Marina in Coruna

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Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 10 Aug 2009 20:24
We came in here from Ares this morning on the recommendation of Richard and Wendy.  This marina is more expensive (38 euros/night!) and less convenient fir the town, but benefits from a special deal- stay 6 nights, pay for 3.  But as with all these things the reality is a trade-off...  The berths are very close togeher, making manoevring difficult; we were moved to a bigger berth by a marinero after we had tied up.  We are now in a 16m berth, right under the mole, (more or less) facing the north, so protected from the worst of the increasing wind.  This second berth is good.  Our neighbours are US (Awaywego, from Florida - Hobbs annd Diane) and Olly-P a 50 foooter from Holland - a Bestewind 50 and a very narrow mean machine.  We had an intermediate Dutch neighbour who left just as we arrived, going south armed only with a wind guru weather forecast!!!!  The wifi is inferior, and we are struggling to maintain a signal.   The chief young lady speaks very good English and is exceptionally aimiable, but denies there is anything wrong with the signal.  We met a couple of Brits who had been here a fortnight waiting for spare parts.
There is no supermarket nearby - the nearest is the usual Gadis located under the San Augustin market. We walked via the "main" Darsena marina in the town centre and found it almost full of visitors - like us trying to escape the nordes wind.  The current forecast indicates that we are likely to be here some time, so we shan't move.  I'm just glad that we are north of Finisterre - one weather gate passed.  The weather is hot and sunny - it's just the wind and swell that hamper progress.  We plan to hang around here tomorrow, and go by train to Santiago de Compostella on Wednesday.
Heard this evening from Richard and Wendy that they are, as of today, grandparents (poxy and otherwise) following the arrival of Lucas Joseph Owen Chambers this afternoon.  Also had newsy emails from Bet Perrins and John Banner keeping us up to date on matters Blighty....keep up the good work, guys!