Back to Gosport

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 27 Jul 2010 20:21

50: 48.1N

1: 7.3W


Well, the plan was to go down to Studland today, on the afternoon tide.  But when the generator fired up this morning, it was clear that it didn’t want to play.  It’s located very inconveniently for any maintenance activity, underneath the base of the saloon steps and even when the steps are removed is virtually inaccessible.  Roger got out all the tools, including the preferred double make up mirror that allows him to see round corners, and got stuck in.  The impeller was replaced; but still no action.  Irritation set in.  The fear was that the water pump was also kaput.  Thinking positive, we congratulated ourselves on this happening in the UK, rather than being faced with having to track down Panda spares in a foreign country / language.  (Although the Oxford Duden  picture dictionaries are on board with us.)


So at 9am we set off back to catch the last of the flood tide.  and were back on the berth about 12.30pm.  To finish the story, when stripped down with the aid of the manual(!) there were no blockages in the water pipes, the pump worked fine, and there’s no problem.  But one just knows that if the same task had been performed at anchor, the outcome would have been very different!


The wind isn’t totally as we would have hoped but  fingers crossed we’ll be away on the midday ebb tide tomorrow.