Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 28 Jun 2009 08:42
47:43.33N 3:37.61W
And this entry comes to you from the Isles de Glenans.  It's Sunday morning and so, one week down.  Roger said this morning that despite being in France, he doesn't feel that he has set off properly yet.  Still, we are agreed that it's several levels better than being in Dartmouth a week after setting off (as it was two years ago.)
We're at anchor on the north west corner of the Isle Penfret.  That's the most easterly Island, with a big lighthouse and the accommodations of the Glenans sailing school.  There is a mobile phone signal, but no detectable wifi, so we'll be uploading this by satphone.  At £1/minute, no pix today!
The weather remains fair, with very light airs.  We escaped from Loctudy yesterday afternoon, after filling up with diesel (just in case we have to motor more than expected across Biscay.) There is an automatic pump which is activated by the credit card, and even speaks in English once it recognises the UK credit card!  The machine cut out at 69.12 euros (64.6 litres, 1.07 euros/litree - cheaper than the filling station opposite the supermarket) so we had 2 doses.  The tank gauge is now showing full, although the tank wasn't brim full.  The wind was on the nose (SE) to Glenans.  We ended up motoring.  When the sky's cloudy, it does not feel warm.  There were swarms of boats anchored off St Nicholas and the Isle Cigogne - there are buoys and a restaurant for the committed there.  We ate with Richard and Wendy - lamb brochettes cooked on their Magma barbeque over the stern of the boat, followed by peaches baked in foil.  Richard managed to swipe one of the peaches into the water whereupon Roger charged into the dinghy to rescue it.  ("it's always good to practise P.O.B drill.")  After washing out the salt water and adding more sugar(!) it was cooked with the rest - and (learning point) had significantly more juice.  Just add water!   A very pleasant evening.
This morning Victoria RI (who had been mislaid as we went into Loctudy) reappeared, so I shall resume reading today.  In the interim I've been into King Solomon's Mines - a very ripping yarn!  Bet, thanks for your mails!  Picked then up via mailasail, and we need to get then redirected to margaretpratt1 {CHANGE TO AT} googlemail or to the moreton-paddox mail addresses.  Richard is a wizz at all these things, so I just tend to leave the uber-geeks playing.  The problem is that the outcome isn't always as R+R expect/plan!  But at 5euros the 500g, strawberries are not an option here: instead we are eating lovely black cherries, the fruit of the season here, and melons.  We're also thinking about Jenny and Bryan at the Squib championships in Weymouth - hope it's going well guys, although the light airs will make results unpredictable?