815 miles later!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 29 Aug 2010 09:29
Back in Gosport!  Came back yesterday 28 August, in a wonderful sail in bright sunshine and heavier winds than expeected.
The time in Cherbourg was characterised by rain.  On Friday the wind turned NE, making the anchorage untenable.  In a rush, we got up and went into the marina, where we sat and watched the mayhem of boats trying to manoevre in unsuitable conditions.  After lunch we walked, ending up at the exhibition in the art gallery - Millet - a l'aube de l'impressionisme.  (he is a local boy!)  It was very interesting and drew comparisons with the works of other artists, including Van Gogh.  The pictures were beautifully presented and lit. 
From the forecast, the wind seemed best on Sunday - a freer reach and slightly stronger winds.  But on Saturday the forecast improved, and we decided to go, foregoing the plan to cycle.  We left Cherbourg at 7.30am and were back at the berth in Royal Clarence just before 8pm.