3 August - Muros

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Thu 6 Aug 2009 20:30
Still at anchor in Muros.  This morning Wendy and I went ashore to do messages, leaving Richard and Roger to play nicely together - Richard wanted to adjust his rigging, and climb the mast to mend the windvane on Myrica.  I wanted a haircut, and both Wendy and I wanted a bit of shopping.
Suzanne from Suzy Too had said that there was a good hairdressers in Muos.  I'm not sure whether the one I went to was the one she could recommend, but it was highly satisfactory, (although of course not to the standatd of Barry, my UK artist.)  I had looked up key phrases, and took the Oxford Duden dictionnary with me as well, so that I could share pictures if the language go too difficult.  A wash, cut and blow dry cost 13 euros.
Wendy and I then went up to the municipal libray to see if Roger and I could register as members.  Last time we were in Spain we registered at Santa Marta de Ortiguiera, and then used the membership in all the libraries.  This time, Richard and Wendy had done the same, also in Santa Marta.  In Muros, the librarian was not minded to be helpfu, but wanted us to use the library's PC.  Not what we wanted!  Anyway, we managed to access the library site, using Myricas log in derails.
We were invited to Myrica for supper and thought we  would take a small hors oeuvre.  Due to a linguistic malfunction ( I thought there were 12 clams to the kilo, whereas the price was 11 euros for a kilo) we got a kilo of razor clams (navallas) which barbecues up a treat, but which we too much!  For teh futrure, I need to remember that a half kilo for 4 will be plenty as an hors d'oeuvre!
Portosin tomorrow.