Rianxo 27 July 2009

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 27 Jul 2009 20:19
Yesterday, as promised, it was cycling on Arousa. It was a vintage and memorable day.  Becuase it was a fiesta, everything was completely quiet, following green lanes round the coast as far as possible (some false turns of course, but that was all part of the fun.)  At the bottom of the Island, towards the east, there is a park round Carreiron.  It was clearly somewhere people flock from the mainland to have Sunday lunch and the single road access was congested.  A trip for another time, midweek!  On the way back we stopped at the fiesta and had a plate of navallas (8 razor clams for 8.5 euros) and a plate of paella.  They were surprisingly tasty, grilled in their shells and serverd with half a lemon,   Here is a pic of Roger at the tidal mill.
This morning we left early, and motored gently up the ria, through the bateas.  These are very interesting, and the smell is very evocative.  There's a strong smell of tar varnish and pitch, which we both remember from boatyards when we were young.    We stopped to inspect the O Faro anchorage on the western end of the island, and then went on to upload the emails as we motored past Villanova, using their stong wifi signal .  We anchored off Rianxo and went ashore to try to get bread - but despite being a pilot site for tourist development (or so the poster announced) all the shops were closed and we were both very disappointed.  The marina is small, with 2 pontoons at the end of the fishing harbour.  There was poor access, through a boatyard. 
Now, at anchorage across the Ria from Rianxo, we're planning to go on to Villanova tomorrow, so that we can cycle round the Cambados end of the Ria.  Roger's sitting watching 10 boats out with 100m long nets in shallow water.  The concept of over-fishing is definitely in mind!  On the shore, they seem to be creating a beach with lorry loads of sand.  Here are some pictures, of the anchorage and the fishery.