2 August Muros - How sad is this?

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 2 Aug 2009 20:48
Haven't written for a couple of days.  Go, go, go!
Left Vilanova on Friday late morning, as the sea breeze began to fill in.  It was 35 miles to Muros.  With flat seas and fine weather, Roger had elected to take the difficult passage round the headland: through the Canal de Sagres, rather than the longer journey out to sea round the Island.  It was rocky and there were some serious heeby jeebies and blue air as it appeared that there were more unchartered rocks right in the middle of the passage.  But in fact the location of the rock proved to be an optical illusion and all was safe and very well done.  Past Aguino, and then some more rock-hopping before we could bear off towards the Ria de Muros. 
The swell was uncomfortable on a dead run, and despite tacking downwind I felt decidedly queasy.  The Pavlov's Dog effect kicked in and I went to sleep.  The core competence is still active and effective!
Arrived in Muros at about 5.30pm and anchored off the town, near Richard and Wendy in Myrica.  They had sardines and barbecued them for supper - very tasty.  Yesterday (Saturday) we bought and cooked crabs and I made a crab thermidor from memory - it was very tasty despite my forgetting at the last minute to include the shallots!  I used dijon mustard, paprika, lemon juice, white wine and cheese.  This morning Wendy found the recipe on the BBC food website, and the ingredients were correct, although my quantities were much greater than the list suggested. 
Today we all went cycling.  We cycled to the ensanada San Fransciso at the entrance to the Ria, and then were given instructions by a very helpful man by the beach on how to get to the petroglifs at Laxe do Rochas.  The views were spectacular and we had a splendid picnic before cycling on and returning to Muros via green lanes and small villages.  We only did 8.5 miles but the hills were steep and it felt like a lot further! 
Since we arrived in Muros Roger has been exercised by his inability to access wifi when Myrica appears to have no problem.  Detailed research and experimentation into causes has been undertaken.  Experimentation culminated with an excursion in the dinghy mit laptop to assess where the strongest signals were located.  No doubt the photos will later appear in Richard and Wendy's blog.  Arising from the experiment, Roger repositioned the anchor, guided by Richard's advice on where the signal is strongest.  How sad is this!  But it has made not a happorth of difference - we're still a signal free zone!