Isla Tambo Ria Pontevedra 16 July 2009

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Thu 16 Jul 2009 19:00
Wow, did it rain!  Stayed in Aldan until after lunch - from about 9am the heavens opened and it just dropped down with rain.  It was cold enough to want comfort food - veg and lentil soup from the freezer, with a hunk of bread refreshed in the oven.
Leaving Aldan, our Irish neighbours (well protected with an awning covering the cockpit) emerged to wish us Adios, and we also spoke to a Frenchman who had just arrived, telling us that there was a force 4-5 with significant swell outside.  The wind was still southerly, so there was nothing of this inside the ria.
Still no reliable wifi signal, so passing the signal location on the other side of the ria I paused long enough to allow Roger to log on to this unsecured website and up load the pix, as well as download an email (in bastard spanish) from Bet; and the weather forecast.  Roger cannot believe that we went to these lengths to up load the blog.  Myself, I'd do a lot more to access a reliable, strong signal, so that I could cruise the net, and read up on things as well as stream radio 4 and get up to date.  Sad, isn't it - but I do feel uncomfortably out of touch.
Today is 16 July, and round here everyone is having a fiesta.  There were fireworks through the Ria Aldan this morning - BIG shells!  and this evening we have sat and watched a procession of boats supporting mit horn blasts the blessing of the waters outside Marin.  The naval base has had its boats dressed overall, and we can see a funfair.  But from where we are in the lee of the Isla Tambo it's very quiet and peaceful, if rather chilly in the breeze.