To Bayona 6 july 09

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 8 Jul 2009 20:02
Firstly, here are the pix that relate to the days before our arrival at Bayona.  Firstly, Finisterre, as improved by Abobe (the weather was much duller than the pic gives credit..)
Then the anchorage at Porto Novo, in the Ria Pontevedra.  As you can see, we were anchored just off a small beach, sheltered from the NW wind.
We set off early on Tuesday morning, as the wind was forecast to get up by lunchtime.  as indeed it did!  We took the inshore passage between the mainland and the Islands, with the wind behind us reaching about 20 knots.  It was sporty!  The scenery was spectacular.
By the time we reached Bayona (after more pilotage practice) the wind was becoming really quite strong and we had to fight to get the sails down in the Bayona bay.  We were escorted into the marina by a marinero, and guided to a berth the was downwind and quite explosed.  We're moored next to a German boat named Argo, complete with shops' dog named Hannah!