16 August - Cedeira

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 16 Aug 2009 19:26
A foggy, humid day,  Trousers!  Pullover!  Not what I am used to - but am likely to have to become so as we move north.
Set off from Coruna at about 11.30, and arrived Cedeira at about 6pm.  Light wind from the NW, so were able to sail for at least some of the time.  A dull day, and the fog scarcely lifted - poor vis all day.  But the anchorage at Cedeira is as lovely as we remembered, although there are more fishing boats on buoys, and no sign at all of the promised marina - we are anchored in the plum spot off the Lonxa.  No wifi. 
Just a note on reading matter - I've now finished the CP Snow oevres that I possess - all bar three of the Strangers and Broithers series, plus a couple of whodunits; then moved on to Claire Tomalins biography of Samual Pepys - the unequalled self.  Need to start something new before Biscay.   Roger has finished his third copy of Yachting Monthly and is now up to date with his reading!
Cycling tomorrow!