Under the bridge

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sun 12 Jul 2009 20:18
Anchored at San Adrian de Cobras, in the Ensenada (Bay) San Simeon at the head of the Vigo Ria.  To get here requires sailing under a big fixed suspension bridge, carrying a motorway.  The height is nominally about 38m but as ever, serious heebeejeebees as the approach neared: looking up at the top of the mast you never believe that you won't hit.  Still, under with meters to spare (18m!) - then round the bateas, which are big anchored wooden platforms from which the farmers hang ropes seeded with mussels.  Leave to grow 12 months, then harvest and sell. 
We were lucky enough to be invited to visit with Claire and Richard on their steel boat Phalerope this morning, and then went on for more coffee on No Agenda, Margot and Harry's Nauticat 44. Phalerope is so well kitted out and organised and I got lots of hints and tips for improvements that will make life more comfortable.  I avoided the bilges, but Roger seems to have derived great benefit from his guided tour with Richard.  The Nauticat is a lovely and well appointed boat a beautiful home.  We came away with a disk to share with WE2 when we meet up with them - enough said! 
It was sad to say farewell to friends, and it hardly seems possible that we met the guys only a couple of days ago.  Hope our paths will cross again.  We'll see Suzanne and David at Royal Clarence in September when they're back in UK for a few days.  The etiquette is to have visiting cards, with boat name and contact details - need to plan for this back home.
As I write it's raining in Spain!  In fact, its almost chilly and I'm wearing a pullover.  The rain will do the herbs good - they have been struggling in the sun and wind.