From Lagos to P ortimao

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Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 11 Oct 2013 20:53


11  October 2013 – at anchor, Portimao



We left Lagos this afternoon, saying a fond farewell to Nouta and Yolande from Atlantis; Helge and Tirgid on Leikarnen left yesterday.   Here are some pix of Lagos: from the marina, featuring the RNSYC ensign with its feathers

And the Old Town

The town is super, and as usual everyone has been extraordinarily helpful.  Yesterday,  in the search for fishing gear, one of the shopkeepers locked up the shop he was operating and walked us (with his mobile phone clamped to his ear throughout) up the road where he opened up another shop – full of fishing tackle!  Roger grubbed around while he finished his phone call and cash then changed hands :3.70 euros.   We left, and he locked the shop up again.

A short sail from Lagos: via the grottoes and caves in the headland and then on to anchor in Portimao.

The cliffs off Lagos look to be a form of sandstone and mud that have carved out some amazing shapes.  But the rocks are so soft that the rate of erosion must be great.  We took the dinghy in and explored all the nooks and crannies in the afternoon sun.

We arrived in Portimao to find Mike from Right Turn already at anchor.  He came over to visit and Roger has an invitation to play tomorrow.  Someone else’s bilges!  Joy!  Bliss!