St Julian Sur

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 25 Jul 2009 19:55
After a Friday morning in the sun, managing at last to connect both computers to the Nautico cafe website, and even talking by Skype to Wendy in La Coruna, we managed to get ashore in Caraminal and walked round the town.  It's nice, and despite the bad weather we both have warm feelings.  We'll be back!  After the obligatory post prandial siesta ( so much easier when its hot and sunny!) the bold move was made, sailing the 5 miles or so to St Julian - a baby harbour on the S side of the Isla Arousa, in anticipation of the wind going NE.  It's a tricky piece of pilotage, requiring navigation through the bateas and avoiding the many isolated rocks that lurk below the surface.
Rather to our surprise we are the only boat at anchor here, and so have got the plum spot, anchored in the middle and further inshore than expected. Arriving at high water, it all looked pretty benign, but a rock appeared as the water went out that was uncharted!  Roger has amended the chart accordingly.  At low water it's about 3m high!.  Here are the pictures before and after.
We walked ashore this morning, leaving the dinghy in just enough water at the end of the slipway.  We walked through to O Xullo, the north-facing harbour (it's about 200 yards.)  This part of the village was preparing for a fiesta of Navalla (I think) - anyway, celebrating the razor clams.  The arrangements were interesting.  First you buy your Ticket [sic] and then hand it into your chosen food supplier.  There were long refectory tables in the shade at which to eat, each with a plastic bin on the end for remains.  Some people were snacking, even though it was only just after midday.  There was a funfair, mainly aimed at children.  All the shops were shut - only the bars were open.
Walking back to St Julian, Roger saw a sign for the Tourist Information office.  Bingo!  A most helpful girl directed us to the bakery that was open, and advised on play ideas and things to do.  the Info office is located in the first canning factory to be built on the Island - by Catalans, in 1897.  The bridge to the Island was built only in 1984, and it still has a strong Island feel. It reminded us of Ile de Re.  Here is a picture of the harbour at low tide,
After lunch, we dinghied across to a small island which seemed to be attracting boats for an afternoon anchorage.  It was Heaving with people in boats, dinghies and even vedettes.  It reminded Roger of pictures of Chinese beaches.  I swam but the water was cold.  Coming back, downwind, it was definiteley warmer than in the sea, however shallow the water.
Tomorrow, we're minded to stay here another day and cycle, before going further up into the Ria.