Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 17 Jul 2009 21:02
From the anchorage behind Isla Tambo, the masts within the harbour at Combarro, about half a mile away, were clearly visible.  It looked like a marina; but none of the pilots, nor the Reed's Almanac, made any reference to a marina.  Approaching, it was apparent that it was a marina - and the anchorage within the harbour has gone.  The usual roar of a powerful inflatable announced the arrival of the marinero and we were escorted into a visitor's berth (carefully marked Transitos) close to the bridgehead.  The installation is only just open, still unfinished, and still has rough edges.  For example - NO WIFI!  and the power supply is decidely iffy - to the extent that I gave been up to the office (oficina) twice with a piece of paper that states that el servicio electricio no functiona.  But despite this black mark, there are definite white marks in terms of customer care - on each occasion one of the staff has come over in person to check that power has been restored.  The coffee shop will be complete (they say) in a fortnight - and with it the wifi.  Spies (Myrica?) will no doubt advise if manana is a relevant concept in this case...  The fee per night is 30.45 euros.
The village is in two parts - the tourist end which is very picturesque, and the main street.  There are horreos - stone storage barns located on stone mushroom legs - in each garden.  We ahve been seeing them throughout this area, but these ones are very well preserved.  There is a Froiz supermarket tha appears to have good fruit and veg - I'll go early tomorrow.  The other plan is to cycle into Pontevedra, which is about 5 miles.  But I don't expect to be here on Sunday, when there is a fiesta, although I expect the sounds of the shells will follow us up the Ria!