The wonders of modern technology

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 1 Jul 2009 07:10
43:58.6N 8:4.83W
Writing this in mid-Biscay - it'll upload, with the position, when the next link is made via the satphone.  Today we have had mailasail emails from Kyoko, and from Chris & Lyn in NZ.  The wonders of modern technology!  Keep up the good work, guys - it's lovely to hear from you!
The journey is about half over - as I write at 1pm we've done just over 170 miles.  The sea continues to be glassy, and with so little wind, we have continued to motor other than for a couple of hours yesterday evening.  Limited excitement: two schools of dolphins who, seeing us, made a bee-line for the bow and played happily in the wash before moving on.  Roger heard them squeaking - with excitement?  We lost the pigeon at about 9am; he seemed more thirsty than anything else and with the dawn moved from his perch on the sprayhood to the pools of water on the saloon skylight, and from there (via short test flight) to the dinghy.  Roger gave him some more water in a lid, which he supped before leaving us - for good? 
The first night at sea is always difficult, but all being well we've now settled into a routine, so if the winds are fair when we get to the other side, we'll carry on as planned to Bayona.  Otherwise, La Coruna tomorrow morning.