La Coruna

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Thu 2 Jul 2009 20:38
Starting not to know what day of the week it is...  In fact it's Thursday, and the first full day in la Coruna.
One of the great joys of being somewhere with wi-fi is that we can stream the BBC.  So we had the Today programme on early; listened to Torchwood which was the afternoon play; and had the world service on this evening.
The intention was to go early to the market, before it got too hot.  The intention was overtaken by the need for a full set piece battle with Nat West over how to make a payment to Gemini for our cushions.  We had a voicemail from Helen Shaw yesterday when we arrived to say that Roger's credit card payment for the new cushions had been declined.  I rang the new owners of Gemini to confirm the detail - but it was still declined.  No worries; I could pay by internet banking.  But that didn't work either - I had the card reader/random number generator, but it wasn't congruent with the card I was using.  No worries: I have the fallback of Private Banking, for which I pay £200/year to have a person on hand to solve all my problems personally.  So I rang at 9am; explained what I wanted to do; was put throughto 24/7 telephone banking; ascertained that because I am not registered with 24/7 (!!!) they can't help.... back to Private Banking with steam emerging from my ears at that stage, to try to find out what they could do to help.  In the end I used the trite phrase "may I speak to your supervisor please" but she wasn't there either - but rang me back later.  What I did manage to get was the phone number for the charge card  office where after a couple of false starts and having to get me (as card holder) to confirm a number of details Roger managed to get the card reopened for business - I think the problem was that the payment was submitted after we started using my card in France and they thought a fraud had been undertaken.  So I'm left wondering what I am paying for other than very very nice people who are well trained in anger managemnt, but can actually do very little,  To quote my friend Susan Conner, I gave very candid feedback.  But as usual, the administration always wins.
Anyway, here are some pix from today.
Here is the Market in La Coruna.  The market is open mornings only, and there is a Gades supermarket underneath.  We bought cherries, Gambas (500g of real whoppers - they cost 8 euros!) and bread; then adjourned to Gades for a goodly chunk of ham, wine, icecream and peas for the freezer and generally have a scout around.
The route through to the market is via the Plaza Maria Pieta - a heroine who managed to grab Drake's ensign on one of the occasions the English came to sack Coruna.  Here are a couple of pix of the square, showing the classic gallery windows that cause this to be known as the crystal city,
After lunch (ham, pork cheese from Loctudy and salad) we had a siesta and then went for a long walk around the head of the bay.  Roger had an over-optimistic view of the scale of our tourist map and we were walking over two hours!  But apart from the gyp given to the impact exercise on the knee, he's OK - and more likely to want to take the bikes next time!  Walking in the breeze was very pleasant, and with factor 30 and hats on we were just fine.  The headland had a sculpture park with memorials to the fallen of the civil war, as well as the Torre Herculeo, a Roman Lighthouse.
There's also a picture of the lighthouse, but I can't get the file to copy accross in the correct orientation.
Tomorrow is another day....  additional beuty sleep now calls!  Roger's already retired hurt....

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