Less than 500 miles to go!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 13 Dec 2013 17:38
Friday 13 December 2013


Course: 275
Engine Hrs: 3 (all for battery charging purposes)
Day's Run: 147miles
Total: 2,552 miles
Temperature 27.1C
Water temperature reading 31.5C -  Richard note boat sender calibration checked today and found to be 4 degrees optermistic, revised reading for today 27.1C
Wind speed: 25knts
Wind direction: 90T
Hi All
I'm starting this for Roger, as he's struggling with pain levels today.  This is despite regular 6 hour doses of Ibuprofen and then, three hours later, of paracetamol.   That said, the motion of the boat is challenging to put it mildly - we're still on a dead run with three reefs in the mainsail, but the sea is slightly on the starboard quarter, leading to a sporty ride.  When the sea really takes over everything can go flying - books, water bottles, grill pan etc etc.  When Roger came to make tea this morning he discovered the tetrapak of milk in the fridge had been a casualty and had leaked everywhere: so there's a cheesy smell in the fridge that will need to be addressed when there is some fresh water to add disinfectant to. 
The day's run will be a bit shorter than yesterday's: given the sea state a little speed was sacrificed overnight for comfort.  The wind has a tendency to be easterly or even south east, meaning that the current course won't quite make Martinique.  We'll gybe: maybe tomorrow? and broad reach back south, down to Marin.
Bryan had (for him) a relaxed day yesterday and caught up on sleep.  The benefits of this were almost immediately felt as he enjoyed his dinner for the first time in some days: Lucy cooked up pasta with Tuna, pesto and peas, and followed it with tinned pears and custard.  For lunch Roger plans croques monsieur and for supper stuffed marrow - a beef risotto with the white courgettes (now getting a bit wrinkly).  He's made a lemon mousse for pud.
This morning Magnetic Attraction joined the Atlantic Odyssey SSB net at 12 noon GMT (boat time 9am.)  He spoke with Blue Pearl, who is about 100 miles in front of us as well as Capibara.  Everyone is making good progress towards Martinique although Roger had a concern that Henrik was heading to the wrong island!  But that was before he realised that Capibara's course is magnetic, whereas on Magnetic Attraction all the bearings are True (as I write this doesn't seem correct given the boat's name). (Bryan's note, local magnetic variation is 17 degrees, so worth accounting for, Jenny's on flight to Brazil would be expensive)  Lucy had a conversation with Henrik and told him that she didn't like custard.  He refused to believe this  - "but you're English!"
Lunch Calls!
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