bacon Sandwiches!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 17 Dec 2013 23:48




Dear All

It’s 9.15am here in St Anne’s Bay, Martinique: we’ve had a swim and a cup of coffee (now dehydration isn’t such an issue) and Lucy is cooking bacon sandwiches!


We arrived last night at 8.40pm and anchored here for the night.  A peaceful night’s sleep for all (With every hatch open). Total miles travelled 3,065 in 23days 13hrs 15mins, average distance run 132m and average speed 5.5knts!!  Lucy had this worked out before the anchor was set!  We are very pleased with this since we’ve been sitting with no sails bobbing about with zero wind for many hours on two occasions.  Also the wind has been on the nose for days in the first week plus we went almost dead south for two days in order to find more reliable wind.  The strategy seems to have worked because we have arrived with many of the Atlantic Odyssey yachts that started 6 days before us.  Last night on our final approach we crossed head of Ishbel an AO rally boat.


Roger’s computer isn’t capable of connecting reliably to the iridium satphone, so the blog couldn’t be posted yesterday.  Apologies.  Margaret’s Vodafone SIM is working now, though, so all emails gratefully received to our usual addresses.


I’ll update more later once we’ve filled up with water and fuel, and cleared in.


Margaret, Lucy, Bryan and Roger.  (A bunch of very happy bunnies!)