17 August - Reacquaintance with Cedeira

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 17 Aug 2009 20:30
Cedeira is definitely a favourite spot.  Completely sheltered, no marina, minimal facilities but a warm, friendly town with all the necessities.
We went ashore this morning to get bread; mooring at the steps opposite the boat and walking into town.  We both noticed how obese the children fishing were - mega paunches on boys of c 9-12.  Not a pretty sight in swimming shorts!   There are a Gadis and an Eroski supermarkets - we chose Eroski because of their cheese and ham empanadas.  The town was seething - today is the last day of the annual fiesta.
The pilot had made some bold statements about cycling.  We found the tourist info office (NOT where the pilot said it was!)   We were advised that the bike track was minimal and so it proved to be.  But we were directed to a lovely route up hill to the Punta Redonda, on the other side of the ria, and we cycled there after lunch.  Apart from the steep uphill start to the route it was great - tracks through eucalyptus forest, with glimpses of the anchorage.  The weather  has improved vastly - hot and sunny. We're soaking up all the sun we can as we know that the UK will be cold, damp and chilly by comparison.  Here are some pix
Firstly, views of the fishing harbour (fortaleza Fuerte de Conception in the background)  and anchorage from Punta Redonda.
And then a picture from the boat of the lighthouse at P Rendonda, where I took the pictures.
Drank cava this evening - at 2.65 euros a bottle it's cheaper than wine as well as nicer!  One of our neighbours (Pantalaimon) came across to compliment Roger on a beautiful boat.  We ate the last of the pimentoes de padron and paella. 
Looks like we'll be leaving on Wednesday to cross Biscay.