Life since Sunday

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Tue 21 Jul 2009 12:55
Well, since leaving Aldan it's been an entirely wi-fi free zone, and even now, in Camarineal it's a struggle.  I'm sitting in the Cafe Brisas, with a good signal but without all the home comforts that characterise working from the boat.  Still, have managed to download the emails, and get a weatherforecast.
From Combarro, in the middle of its fieata, there was a lovely sail down the Ria, back to Porto Novo overnight; and then on yesterday Monday to here, in the Ria Arousa.  From the anchorage at Porto Novo, there was an early wake up call as we appeared to be in the middle of a preferred fishing ground for a a small boat's nets.  It buzzed us at about 6am, pipped his horn, and seemed generally very unhappy that our boat was exactly wher he wished to put his nets.  Roger got up and watched events from the cockpit until he went away; but then after breakfast he came back again - about 10am - and we were still there!   We took the precaution of taking photos just in case it got nasty, but saw no reason to move.
Another lovely sail to Ria Arosa, in bright sunshine, 15 or so knots of wind.  The wind had gone north westerly, and so we stood out to the Isla Ons, and then reached along the shore line before cutting accross into the ria.  The grib showed the we are in for a couple of wet days, with the wind from the SW, and Caraminal (other than the absense of WiFi) is ideal - a perfect anchorage and a lovely village.  Mussels for supper!