Gentlemen don't

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 24 Jun 2009 08:07
48:16.66N 4:35.29W
It's Tuesday 1.30 BST and we're just off the Ile Vierge - the massive lighthouse that guards L'Aber Wrach.  We have the last of the tide under us, and plan to go down the Chenal du Four on the evening tide, at about 6pm.
The lat/long will be wholly awry, as Roger downloaded the Grib this morning without noting the lat/long at that time. We have agreed that whenever we log on to the sat phone we ought to note the  position - at present, our last recorded position is as we set off yesterday Monday. Not helpful if we needed help!
Yesterday, light and variable winds.  We motored to maintain momentum, adding sails when the wind allowed to speed ourselves up/ husband fuel.  I cooked pasta with 2 of the cooked chicken quarters, followed by a piece of lemon tart.  I didn't put on the scopoderm - no fear of mal de mer but instead took Kwells overnight to build up a bit of immunity. 
I handed over at 9pm, in the light, and came up again at midnight.  Because it's midsummer it didn't get really dark in the NE; but it was a lovely evening with bright stars, and one really bright planet, that looked as though it had a moon as well   Jupiter?  I need help.  The boat track was along the milky way it seemed - and with the binoculars the myriad of stars were visible.  The benefits of no light pollution.  At two the dawn started in earnest and the wind picked up, too.. by 2.30 there was 10 knots and so with relief the engine could be switched off. 
One of the joys of night sailing is world service, so we are up to date on the election of the new speaker, all the political shenanigins and backbiting, as well as important stuff like the protests in Iran.  A bit about Wimbledon but nothing gripping yet.
But the bad news came with the grib download.  No wind in Biscay, and then head winds!  So as gentlemen don't sail up wind especially when on vacation, we're going to head into Camaret.  I agree, and am looking to select a lobster to cook.  His provisional name is Sid. 
But at least we're in France, and away.  But not out of reach!  I had a slew of texts today and as I have signed up with Vodafone Passport, texts are free.  Come on then guys, no excuse!  I need news!  There are also cafes with Wifi so I cvan also d a round robin mail.
Will write more tomorrow...