Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Thu 25 Jun 2009 21:07
A Lazy Day!
After writing yesterday everything speeded up - just a bit!  As we came down the Chenal du Four (early - it was about 2pm) we had the tide against us around 3+ knots.  But more importantly, the wind decided to be assertive and we saw 35 knots.  Didn't feel that serious, as we were going downwind and the swell hadn't built up.  But by the time we got to the La Four light Roger decided that a reef was required (in case we strained the sail.)  (Everything had been straining for about an hour and a half - I had been hanging on to the lazy jib sheet in case there was an unexpected yaw, and even RCP was standing close enough to the binnacle to grab if required.)  Rounding up and getting the reef in was easier than either of us expected - and then of course the wind instantly faded, and by the time we reached the Pointe St matthieu the motor was back on.  Can only think it was the "exposed headland" effects reinforcing the wind.  It wasn't the sea breeze, as the direction remained due E, over the land.
We picked up bouy 39 in the outer harbour in Camaret, and settled down at about 8pm.  Landfall tradition activated - champagne opened to the approbation of passing frenchmen, whom Roger toasted.  Neither of us was overly hungry, so biscuits and cheese was just fine.
Today has been focused on trying to get the WiFi to work with Vista on his machine (FAILED) and then tring to find a network to log into (only partial success - the boat yaws about too much.)  In further pursuit of tradition we went ashore for moules frites at lunchtime - at the restaurant Styvel we had their best.  Frites were wonderful and vast quantities of moules in an unusual sauce - not the classic mariniere, but with onions, carrots(?!) leeks and courgettes and quantities of melted cheese.  Not much juice so I assume no wine.  I remain unsure - tasty but....  both if us remain well.  We went on to top up with veg and specials (Iles flottantes, croques messieurs at the Super U.  Berthing is 13.8 euros/night - just for the buoy!
I also wanted to keep a track of my reading.  I've just finished Thaler & Sunstien's "Nudge" which is about the design of choice architecture to aid social marketing; and have now moved on to reread Elizabeth Longford's Victoria RI.  This evening we're about to go ashore again to visit the Tour Vauban and the end of the mole - an evening constitutional.
Have had a number of emails from friends - Marie-Christine who is about to go back to Turkey, and Carol to say that Joan's funeral went as well as could be expected.  Tomorrow I shall hope to hear that my successor at the London SCG has been appointed.
Off to Loctudy tomorrow I hope on the early tide.....  the south going stream starts at 6.40 so it will be a rude awakening!
The weather is still looking very unhelpful, smack on the nose, for several days.  Looks like Brittany for another week!