20-21 August 2010 - Beg Meil to Loctudy

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 21 Aug 2010 18:30



Left Sauzon at 9am and sailed all day!  The wind gradually increased from a southerly direction, so it was a nice beam reach.  Unfortunately the orientation of the Isles de Glenan was unsuitable for anchorage with that wind direction (not enough depth in a SW!)  Where else?  In the end decided on Beg Meil, arriving about 6.30pm.

The haar came down and it was all pretty miserable.  We were fortunate to get an anchorage in a space between two runs of moorings – probably where two communities have rights, but the moorings have not spread sufficiently to meet.  A swell was coming in, but didn’t disturb overly – it was running fore and aft, so the boat pitched rather than rolled.

Beg Meil looks well polished and expensive!  Only one street light – at the top of the slipway.  So it was surprisingly dark.

Left early, again, on 21 August, for Loctudy and wi-fi!   A close reach all the way, and until the weather closed in, bright sunshine and a pleasant southerly wind.  Took the opportunity to get the washing done, and stock up with food – we are out of almost everything.  When Roger loaded the GRIB, the forecast shows that the weather is going to turn extremely grotty next week – indeed, Wednesday / Thursday in the channel will be extremely nasty indeed, and the wind won’t lift until after the weekend.  So in consequence we’ll leave here early tomorrow morning, to catch the last of the flood through the Raz de Sein at about 3pm and on to Camaret to sit out a perturbation (you can tell we’re getting used to being in France!) overnight, and then on – either to Studland, Guernsey or Cherbourg, to sit out what looks like the first autumn storm.

Our neighbour, Brian on Morning Spirit, is planning to be in Guernsey by Friday next week so no doubt we will be going the same way.  His crew, Paul, seems dubious as to whether the storm will come through.  Maybe so….. but not worth the risk.


In the meantime,sitting out in the cockpit,  having just finished a supper of garlic prawns; listening to community singing across the water (there was a wedding I think this afternoon – lots of horns blasting which is always a strong signal) and streaming radio 4 – life is good!