Two Weeks Out

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 7 Dec 2013 16:33
Saturday 7 December 2013


Course: 276
Engine Hrs: 3
Day's Run: 130 miles
Total: 1,724 miles - Expected total distance 3000 miles
Air Temperature 28.1C
Water temperature reading 31.5C (but Richard has doubts!)
Wind speed: 14knts
Wind direction: 110T

Hello Everyone,
Today at 1.30 (11.30GMT), we will have been at sea for two weeks, considering we are sharing such a small space I think we have done well not to be at each other's throats. What helps is the infinite feeling of space you have whilst on deck. We have had a yacht following us for the last two nights, at night his lights are occasionally visible but we have not seen him by day, so on deck, us, the sea and the occasional bird.
We have had a good easterly for the last 24hrs, (8 to 15knts) and expect to complete 131miles in 24hrs. We were using twin head sails until about 3.00pm yesterday, when the wind backed to 60 degrees. Unfortunately they only really work well with the wind 20 degrees either side of a dead run. We decided to revert to full main with goose winged genoa and were soon romping along at at 6 knts in 15 knts wind. (We are becoming more efficient at changing the set up, but are still a long way from doing it in the length of Oulton Broad, it may just be possible if we started at the entrance to Oulton Dyke!)  
Margaret cooked the steak we were going to have yesterday for our midpoint celebration (superseded by catch of the day). This morning, in need of comfort food, I gave the crew bacon, baked beans and toast for breakfast. 
We have run the engine only for a short spell for battery charging, but it has not added much to our speed. We are expecting the wind to veer in the next 24hrs, so we will just have to gybe to continue on the same course. Following that it will come from the North and increase in strength slightly, so we are looking forward an increase in speed without rolling +/- 15 degrees on every wave (it does get somewhat wearing after 48hrs). Whilst sleeping in the forepeak I have twice woken up dreaming of driving a car, in which somebody applies the brakes hard every ten seconds. At 6knts you have little surf on each wave, which comes to an abrupt halt as you meet the trough. Otherwise more of the same. Keep those news reports coming, I am missing reading the news paper on the kitchen worktop, whilst the cat seeks attention.
Best wishes, Bryan. (Mum, with only two more day's duty to perform hopefully)