60 Not Out!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 10 Jan 2014 15:59

9 January 2014 – Buoy No 1, Marigot Bay

A quiet start today.  The showers of rain are heavy and regular.  There are mixed messages as to whether this is normal, or abnormal, January weather.

Yesterday was a very special day.  I had a blissful time!  Roger had got me a birthday card and despite him saying that the choice of cards was very limited, the compliments were very acceptable (as ever!)  Jenny and Bryan had left a card, and also brought out one from Richard and Wendy. 

We had scrambled eggs for breakfast and then Capibara brought over orange juice and fresh blueberry muffins that Signe had baked that morning.  But we couldn’t linger – they had arranged a spa day as birthday treat and the ladies’ presence was required for 11am!  Suella and Mafoy looked after us all day – we were the only clients and we were both pampered.  Roger and Henrik came over for lunch.  The Discovery Resort is exquisite.  Here is the view from our lunch table, looking across the bay.

We’d booked a table at the Rainforest Hideaway for dinner.  It’s a small bay- front restaurant that isn’t accessible by road.  There is a dinghy dock with the water illuminated (although none of us could see fishes.)  The mangroves are incorporated into the fabric of the wooden building, bringing the outdoors inside.  As with most of the restaurants, there are no walls and windows, and the breeze wafts through.  The tables were set out on a deck that extends into the bay.  I would think there is a maximum of 50 covers.  The food was incredible – choice ingredients impeccably presented.  The evening went with a swing, aided by a local rum punch with fruit juice that definitely packed a punch!

Altogether a delightful and memorable day.  Happiness is…..