Larder Malfunction

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Mon 22 Jun 2009 09:54
50:35.13N 1:59.2W
Well here we are en route.  Last night we got to Studland Bay after a good sail (fair winds- well, mostly.)  A bit of a beat out through the N Channel, but at anchor at about 6pm.  I'm about to start a tradition by recalling what we ate: on this occaision it was the last of this year's English asparagus, spotted in Tescos; then calves liver, bacon and onion BIG TREAT and a nectarine. 
This morning bright sun but, as forecast, no wind.  Debating whether to go downchannel with the tide or stay on the English side...  We,ve decided to go, hoping to pick up a bit of wind later on: if no, we'll dive into L'Aber Wrach and then take stock.
So, I raided the freezer to get out the carefully prepared meals, methodically extracted from the freezer at home, transported with care and insulation to the boat on Friday by RCP after I left on the train for my conversation with Monitor.  Oh no!!  We have all the soups (good)  the game casserole that Roger had decided were unsuitable as passage food; a jar of chicken stock; and what might (not sure) be a small portion of chilli.  What happened to the requested and lovingly prepared bolognere (x2) and chilli (x2.)  The jury's out but I suspect we'll find then in the freezer at home in September....
But fear not, dear reader, we will not starve!  The foodies will just be eating different things, with an emphasis on store cupboard staples and dried food once the veg runs out....