3 August 2010 - to Morgat

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Sat 7 Aug 2010 08:54




Left Camaret on Tuesday morning.  A dull overcast day, with intermittent rain, and light wind from the SW.   The wind was such that it was a beat across the Iroise to the Raz de Sein, but a reach down to Morgat.  So here we are, at anchor off the beach.. 


Roger spoke with Jenny and Bryan, just back from their cruise with the Maggie B in Scotland, and referred to plans to visit the grottes maritimes that are all along this coast.  It was very funny – he realised immediately what it must sound like and explained.  The wind today has been a strong NW and so we haven’t visited by dinghy: instead we went ashore and had our “tradition” of moules frites at the restaurant Saveurs Maree in Morgat: afterwards walking along the sentier cotier GR34 to try to see the water spouts and caves from above.  The route was charming: we walked through pine woods with bracken and bell heather underfoot, with the sea very blue in the sunlight.  There were butterflies and, from time to time, cicadas.  We came across a Calvary overlooking the bay which gave thanks to God for protecting the lives of three sons in the Great War – very affecting.


The area of the Cheminee du Diable under the lighthouse was cordoned off – presumably the risks of erosion is too great – but the views from Fort Kador of the anchorage was spectacular, and later I took a picture of another former grotte which has now collapsed.





There have been intermittent showers and sunny periods all day.  It isn’t however, cold and I think that Morgat has its own microclimate.  Certainly the vegetation is similar to that found much further south – for example Bay shrubs are fund in garden hedges and in the wild. 


Back on the boat just after 5pm FST: the delay due to having to wait for the bread to be cooked at the bakers!  Have had all the protein required for the day, so a light supper of bread and cheese only to come.

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