Nothing in sight!

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 27 Nov 2013 11:40
Wednesday 27 November 2013


Course: 235
Engine Hrs: 1
Day's Run: miles 141
Total: 533 miles
Air Temperature 23.6C
Water temperature 25.1C
An unexpectedly good run from midday on Tuesday: the forecast indicated flat calm conditions overnight, but we're still storming along close-hauled in a 12 knot breeze - from the SE!!  So we're maintaining good speed and heading as far southwards as the wind will permit.  The twin headsails were taken down yesterday as the wind shifted, and so it's back to a conventional sail plan.   Over the past couple of days we've seen very few signs of life although Lucy did eventually wake up. Sighting another boat (the odd cruise liner; tanker etc) is a highlight!  The other highlight was a fish committing hari-kiri by jumping on to the deck.  Not a big fish: about the size of a finger.  We're debating what to do with it?  Can we use it for bait in the hope of catch a bigger fish...?
Lucy was chef yesterday and we ate very well again: a lunch of pitta bread pizzas, and for supper a wonderful beef casserole with carrots, courgettes, garlic bread and rice. 
Roger ran the watermaker yesterday and so the water tanks are now almost full.  This is the good news...  the bad news is that when he switched the generator over to charge the batteries nothing happened. As I write he's trying to fault find, and following a prudent approach we have switched off most of the electrical appliances and are conserving all possible battery power.  The generator engine runs but isn't "doing" electricals at present.  Up to now it's been one of the most reliable pieces of kit aboard.
Other than this problem, all is well.  The flatter seas make it easier to sleep, although Bryan (who has reverted to the fore cabin berth) woke up saying that with the water rushing by the porthole he's minded to get out his snorkel!