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Roger and Margaret Pratt
Fri 23 Aug 2013 21:01

23 August 103 – Vigo: Marina Davila Sport



A quick update, with no pix.   All being well, more will follow tomorrow.

As an anchorage, Cangas was rolly, with too many ferry zipping to and from to Vigo and disrupting life on board.  So we got to the marina early – well, early for us; before noon .  Calling up on channel 9 we were held waiting for quite a few minutes until Jacobo the marinero zipped up at highest speed to meet us.  There were just two berths on offer: Roger selected the one facing north, into the wind.  The marineros here are exceptionally well trained – it is there role to do ALL the mooring, electricity etc. 

Jacobo brought us the clearing in form.  Usually I have to go up to the office to sign in, and provide all the detailed information that the local bureaucracies need.  Neither of us carry in our heads the horsepower of the engine, nor the insurance policy and passport numbers.  Roger is not accustomed to just how irksome it all is and so felt duly irked. 

We motored up in the rubber dinghy to the Real Club Nautico Marina in the town centre to visit Capibara.  It seemed a good idea at the time but there was a real chop, exacerbated by motor boats passing us with wakes that threatened to, and did twice, swamp the little dinghy.  Everything got wet – not just us, but also the bag with all the necessaries – soggy tissues; soaked umbrella, useless town plans, wet dictionaries etc.  We had a very pleasant lunch in a pavement café in the shade: navachas (razor clams) and pulpo (well, it’s just pulpo!) and a tomato and mozzarella salad.  On the way back we came across a 30’ motor boat Naranco drifting towards the rocks off the port.  They were very close.  We slowly pulled them clear, reversing with our little 6hp engine working hard in reverse until another, stronger, boat arrived. 

Tomorrow Cesar will visit to discuss the proposed bimini.  We may move on after then – will take stock at that time.