An afternoon ashore

Magnetic Attraction
Roger and Margaret Pratt
Wed 15 Jul 2009 19:41
Still in Aldan...
Fortunately the GRIB files came down this morning before the link failed so at least there was weather... 
After lunch, the bikes went ashore for a little promenade.  The first challenge was landing on the beach.  It all looked straightforward - the beach shelves quite steeply.  But the sand was so soft!  Trying to drag the boat up above the high tide mark, even with the wheels, was well nigh impossible.  The wheels sunk in to the axles, and even when Roger lifted the stern and I lifted/pulled the bows it was heavy going and I fell over a couple of times.  Next time, we need to find a quay!
The helpful lady at the tourist info had provided tourist maps ( they have them in a thick pad, so they can just tear off the top sheet to give out.)  Although not in English we identified that there were historic remains at O Fancho, and cycled in that direction.  Uphill, uphill, uphill!  Followed by a half mile dash downhill - pursued by the thought that having gone down, I'd have to walk back up!  The road ended with a cafe so after a helado each (ice cream!) we went on off road to O Fancho, which proved to be a hill fort / castro on the headland overlooking the entrances to both the Vigo and Pontevedra rias.  Dragging the bikes up a rough stone path was a real struggle - after experimetation the "recalcitrant dog" approach seemed to work best - just raising the front wheel and dragging it along.   But at the top the views were stupendous and well worth the climb...  one was also aware that the trip back (other than the long hill!) would be mainly downhill.  And so it proved!  12 miles in total... very pleasant.  Back to the boat for about 5.45.  Supper, hamburger with a salsa sauce and rice.  We're eating well!
Expect to move on tomorrow to the Isla Tambo, and then on to the Marina in Combarro, before the expected Northeasterly sets in for the weekend.  I do have pix, and will upload when I've more confidence in the wifi signal.